Operator Guidelines and Reference

York NeuroImaging Centre, University of York

Andre D Gouws

Gary GR Green

Mark Hymers

Sam R Johnson

Rebecca E Millman

Michael IG Simpson

Maribel Pulgarin-Montoya

Will P Woods



Operational guidelines for the use of the MEG and EEG scanner at YNiC

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the MEG Operator Guidelines
1.1. Overview
1.2. Rules of the MEG suite
1.3. MEG Operator Roles and Responsibilities
1.4. Participant Handling
2. Working Out of Normal Office Hours (8am - 6pm)
2.1. You Must Not Work Alone At YNiC
2.2. When You Hear The Fire Alarm
2.3. Your Place of Assembly
2.4. If You Discover a Fire
2.5. Use Of Fire Equipment
2.6. Health Safety and Welfare Policy for Working out of Normal Hours at YNiC
3. Pre-Scan: Entry Into MEG
3.1. Entry Procedure
3.2. Safety Checklist
3.3. MEG Scan Suite Equipment
4. Pre-Scan: MSR (Magnetically Shielded Room) Set Up
4.1. Room Lighting
4.2. Door Operation
4.2.1. Opening the Door
4.2.2. Closing the Door
4.2.3. Emergency Door Opening
4.3. Moving the Chair and Bed
4.4. Chair and Bed Adjustments
4.4.1. Chair Adjustments (Seated Position)
4.4.2. Bed Adjustments (Supine Position)
4.5. Chair / Bed Height Adjustment
4.6. Chair Hygiene
4.7. Beanbag
4.8. Positioning the MEG Dewar
4.8.1. To Move Backwards / Forwards:
4.8.2. To Tilt the dewar Up / Down:
4.9. Moving the RC Cage
4.10. Participant Monitoring Inside the MSR
4.10.1. Voice Intercom
4.10.2. Video Display Monitor
4.10.3. MSR IR Camera
4.11. Other Final Checks
4.11.1. O2 Monitoring
4.11.2. Check Head Coils
4.11.3. Check Velcro on Dewar Arm
4.11.4. Set Up Visual Screen If Approriate
4.11.5. Check Auditory Etymotics
5. Pre-Scan: Stimulus Delivery and Response Equipment
5.1. Visual Stimulus
5.1.1. Projector
5.1.2. Screen
5.2. Auditory Stimulus
5.2.1. Hardware Setup
5.2.2. Sound Check
5.3. Stimulus Software / Triggers
5.3.1. Stimulus Software
5.3.2. Trigger check
5.4. Stimulus Response
6. Pre-Scan: MEG Software Acquisition Setup
6.1. Logon and Startup
6.2. Setting up a New Scan
7. Scanning: Experimental Procedures
7.1. Participant Preparation
7.1.1. Briefing the participant
7.1.2. Hygiene
7.2. MEG Software Setup
7.2.1. Store Participant Information
7.2.2. Choosing a Specific Participant
7.2.3. Select the Scan
7.3. Head Coil Acquisition and Digitisation
7.4. Enter the MSR and Attach the Head Coils
7.5. Head Digitisation
7.5.1. Acquire Coil Positions
7.5.2. Head Shape
7.5.3. Acquire Coil Positions (second time)
7.6. Positioning Participant in the Dewar
7.6.1. Seated Procedure
7.6.2. Supine Procedure
7.6.3. Special considerations for patients
7.7. Leaving the MSR
7.8. The Participant Does Not Turn Up on Time
8. Scanning: Recording Data
8.1. Checking for Artefacts
8.2. Data Acquisition
8.2.1. Starting Data Acquisition: Including Acquiring Head Coils.
8.2.2. Finishing Data Acquisition
9. Scanning: Data Handling
9.1. Uploading Data
9.2. Creating m4d Files: (Done Outside the Scan Suite)
10. Scanning: Leaving MEG
10.1. Participant Clean Up
10.2. Equipment Clean Up
10.3. Return MEG to its Default Setup
A. Daily Quality Assurance Checks
A.1. Oxygen Level Checks
A.2. Helium Level Checks
A.3. Check Data Quality
A.4. Check Overall Cleanliness of MEG
B. Operating the Eyetracking System: (ASL Eyetrack 6000 with Long Range Optics)
B.1. Operating Principles in Eyetracking
B.2. Components of the Eyetracking system
B.2.1. Hardware
B.2.2. Software
B.3. Usage of the Eyetracking system
B.3.1. Setting up the Hardware and Software
B.3.2. Setting Up the Participant
B.4. Eyetracking Troubleshooting Guide
C. EOG/ECG Setup
C.1. Components of the EEG System.
C.1.1. Hardware
C.1.2. Software
C.2. Using the EEG System to Record EOG and ECG
C.3. Participant Setup
C.3.1. Electroculogram (EOG) Eye Lead Placement
C.3.2. Reference Electrode / Mastoid Placement
C.3.3. Electrocardiogram (ECG) Arm Lead Placement
C.3.4. Connections on the Electrode HeadBox
C.4. Check the EOG/ECG Signal
C.5. MEG Acquisition Setup
C.6. Clean Up Procedure
C.6.1. Participant Clean Up
C.6.2. Equipment Clean Up
C.7. Shutting Down the EEG System
D. Troubleshooting for MEG Operators
E. MEG Wiring Diagram