Appendix C. EOG/ECG Setup

The MEG system is capable of accepting up to 96 channels of concurrent EEG data for analysis and display with MEG data. During the acquisition session, EEG and MEG data are collected simultaneously. For this purpose, the scan acquisition must be setup to acquire the signal from the relevant EEG channels (E1-96).

C.1. Components of the EEG System.

C.1.1. Hardware

In the Control Room:

  1. EEG PC Monitor.
  2. EEG leads / electrodes. Labeled EOG / ECG electrodes can be found in the top drawer underneath the MEG Preparation table. More electrodes, EEG caps and consumables can be found in the MEG storage cabinet “1”.

In the MSR:

  • EEG Headbox (x3). These are the jack boxes where the electrodes are plugged. Each Head Box consist of 32 channels.

In the Equipment Backroom:

  1. EEG PC.
  2. SynAmp System Unit ( x3).The System Units transmit the data to the EEG computer.
  3. SynAmp Power Unit ( x1).

C.1.2. Software

The software package used is called SCAN 4.3 “Acquire” and is hosted in the EEG-PC. The SCAN Acquire software serves as the interface to the SynAmps.