C.2. Using the EEG System to Record EOG and ECG

Attention: It is important to follow the steps on this section in sequential order.

Start in the Equipment Backroom:

  1. Switch ON the SynAmp units. This is done with a single master switch located on the EEG rack, see Figure C.1.

    Figure C.1. EEG SynAmp Switch

    EEG SynAmp Switch

  2. Wait until the LED screen is on, the three SynAmps are ON, and they read SYN 1,2,3.
  3. Turn on the EEG PC.

    Go to the Control Room

  4. Login on the EEG PC.
  5. Start the Scan 4.3 Acquire program. This shortcut to the program in Figure C.2 is on the desktop.

    Figure C.2. EEG Software Launch Graphic

    EEG Software Launch Graphic

  6. Click on the “Play” icon. The main Acquire window will appear.
  7. Select the appropiate configuration file:

    1. Click “Load Setup” under File, and browse until you find the correct setup file for your experiment.
    2. For EOG/ECG recordings, select “EOGECG50Hz.ast”.