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Most of YNiC's software is developed in git.

Public YNiC git instances are available at: http://vcs.ynic.york.ac.uk/.

This page contains a summary of most of the YNiC software which is publically available.

Discussions about YNiC software occur on the ynic-devel@ynic.york.ac.uk mailing list. You can subscribe to this list and read the archive at https://www.ynic.york.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/ynic-devel.

NeuroImaging Analysis Framework (NAF) and python-megdata

Lead Maintainer: Mark Hymers

Please see the main NAF / python-megdata development site in Redmine at http://vcs.ynic.york.ac.uk/tracker/

Using Python and Psychopy at YNiC

Not strictly software we have developed, but here are some examples af how to use Python and Psychopy in the YNiC scanner environments, e.g. sending and reading triggers, gathering responses, etc. Click here to see the example pages (N.B. this page is not currently up to date)

DataViewer3D - DV3D

Lead Maintainer: Andre Gouws

An open source, cross-platform multi-modal neuroimaging data visualization tool built on Python, VTK and wxWidgets.



Andre Demo An interactive brain exploration tool using Microsoft's Kinect device.

More details available at the home page


An alternative, python, vtk and Qt based gui for viewing mrVista based meshes.

More details available at the mrMeshPy home page

Internal Software

YNiC database

The YNiC database is only accessible to YNiC staff.

Any external users interested in getting the YNiC database code for use at other sites should contact Mark Hymers <mark.hymers@ynic.york.ac.uk> and it will be made available freely under the GPL (although various parts of it are relatively customised to the YNiC workflow and will probably need modification for use on other sites)