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YNiC Forms

This page contains all publicly accessible forms and documents for use at YNiC. YNiC users can find internal forms at https://www.ynic.york.ac.uk/docs/forms

Participant Forms

  • YNiC General Consent Form (version 2)

    • YNiC Registration and General Consent form. Every participant must have completed one of these. This should be submitted to the YNiC reception at least one working day before the planned scan session.

  • Session consent forms
    • Note: It should generally not be necessary to download these forms for individual participants; if participant details are given to YNiC in advance (via the booking system), personalised forms will be prepared in advance of the scan. However, you must ask your participant all of the questions on the form as part of your screening process, in order to identify any contraindications.

    • If you need a Level 3 authorisation signature for a participant (for any contraindications, see below), you can ask reception to print a subject-specific session form for your project, ahead of the scan date, to be authorised.
    • Contraindications: if your participant answered 'Yes' to any of the questions on the safety form (with the exception of tattoos), you should contact support@ynic.york.ac.uk to first check the eligibility of the participant (please include all relevant information, e.g. model names of any implants), and then if it is confirmed that the participant can be scanned, you MUST receive signed authorisation from a Level 3 operator AT LEAST one working day before your scan. We cannot guarantee that Level 3 operators will be available to sign safety forms on the day of the scan; if this situation arises you will be unable to scan your subject. Once the safety form has been authorised you can ask reception to attach this to your subject's General Consent form for storing securely, which you will collect from reception on the day of your scan session.

User Registration Forms

In order to use any of the YNiC facilities (including open plan), you MUST attend a YNiC User Induction. Please contact support@ynic.york.ac.uk to book your place on the next planned induction.

To receive a login account for the YNiC IT systems you must have completed the YNiC user induction, and be on the University of York's (UoY) people database, i.e. have a UoY username. If you are staff or a student you will be issued with this username when you start at the University. If you are collaborating with UoY faculty then they must request that you are added to this system - this prompts the creation of a UoY username and standard University online training (e.g. GDPR).

  • IT Account Application Form (version 1)

    • This form is to be filled out and signed by all users and investigators in order to receive a login account for the YNiC IT systems. This form will typically be given to you to complete during your user induction.

Project Forms

For information on how to apply to use the centre, and how/when to use these forms, please see: Applying to use the centre.

Ethical and Governance

  • Project Proposal Form (DOC)

    • Project Proposal Form to be completed by all applicants
  • REC Application(DOCX)

    • Application form for the YNiC REC
  • REC Guidance (PDF)

    • Guidance for completing the YNiC Research Ethics and Governance Form
  • Participant Information Sheet (download template)

    • A sample (template) of the information sheet provided to participants
  • Sample Study Specific Consent Form (download template)

    • A sample (template) of the form that participants need to complete to consent to your specific study
  • External Ethics Form (PDF) (DOC)

    • Form for use by those who have external Ethical Approval

Running a Project

  • Project Checklist

    • Checklist of requirements for beginning data acquisition at YNiC. Once all of the items on this Checklist can be ticked, you are ready to start scanning your participants (subject to any restrictions in scan booking). If you need assistance with any aspect of this Checklist, please contact support@ynic.york.ac.uk.

  • Draft Participant Email

    • This is a draft email containing necessary instructions to prepare participants for a scan. Copy and paste the content between the dashed lines to your email browser, and then replace information within square brackets with your own content. This is not an information sheet for a specific study.
  • Introduction for Undergraduate Supervisors

    • Introductory document for supervisors
  • MEG Experimental Setup

    • Form containing details of how the MEG system should be setup for a particular experiment.
  • MEG Participant Leaflet

    • Information leaflet for participants taking part in MEG experiments.
  • MRI Experimental Setup

    • Form containing details of how the MRI system should be setup for a particular experiment.
  • MRI Participant Leaflet

    • Information leaflet for participants taking part in MRI experiments.
  • CD Proxy form

    • Form for participants who would like a CD of their Structural MRI scan to be collected by proxy.
  • Scan Reimbursement Form

    • Scan Reimbursement Form for lost scan time or data at YNiC due to technical problems