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Brainhack Global 2017: York 2nd - 5th March

Brainhack Global 2017: York Logo

Registration for the very first Brainhack York event, hosted by York Neuroimaging Centre (YNiC), is now open.

Organised as part of the Brainhack Global 2017, this 4-day workshop will be held between the 2nd-5th of March at YNiC, providing an opportunity for brain scientists from York to interact with researchers worldwide in a collaborative environment. The major aim of Brainhack events is to allow attendees to work together on neuroimaging projects of their choosing and to discuss ideas, analysis techniques, ask and answer scientific questions using openly available data.

In line with our site-specific theme: “Brain Connectivity and Open Science Tools”, Brainhack York will feature small tutorials on big data analysis, discussions on resting state and task-based neuroimaging, best practices in using open science tools, small unconference talks and open hacking sessions for attendees to work on neuroimaging projects.

Raw and preprocessed versions of neuroimaging data from big cohort studies will be available locally during the event, though attendees are welcome to bring their own data for analysis. The bulk of this workshop will focus on fMRI. However, if interested, attendees are encouraged to work on other modalities, including but not limited to MEG and EEG. There is no “coding expertise” required and brain scientists from all backgrounds can and will make significant contribution to the projects.

Working papers on the outcomes from Brainhack York can appear in the Gigascience Brainhack Thematic Series, and shorter project reports from the event are eligible for the annual Brainhack Proceedings.

Registration is FREE and includes lunch and refreshments on each of the four days as well as a social event that will be organised at the venue. For logistical reasons, only the students and staff from the University of York, Department of Psychology and York Neuroimaging Centre are invited for registration.

Where will the event be held?

The event will be held at the York Neuroimaging Centre. The exact location of the centre is available here.

Who can attend?

For logistical reasons, only the students and staff from University of York, Department of Psychology and York Neuroimaging Centre are invited to attend. This is to ensure that the attendees will have log-in information and access to the YNiC servers data storage and analysis. However, if you are from another department and would like to attend, please register your interest with Dr. Deniz Vatansever at deniz.vatansever@york.ac.uk

Do I need to be an “expert coder”?

Though beneficial for data analysis, no coding skills are required to attend this event. The idea is to form organic groups based around projects of interest in which attendees with different skills and diverse backgrounds can contribute to different parts of the project (e.g. idea generation, data analysis, data collation etc.).

How can I get in touch with other researchers outside of York?

The Brainhack slack channel will be the main source of media used for this event, allowing brain scientists worldwide to connect and share ideas. You can join this channel here. In addition, the timetables and websites of Brainhack events from individual sites across the world will be available on the Brainhack Global 2017 website, which will advertise live videos and tutorials. A conference call with the Gabrieli lab at MIT and the Vince Calhoun lab at the University of New Mexico has also been scheduled to take place during the workshop.

Do I need to bring anything?

Besides lots of enthusiasm and energy, the attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptops if they would like to use different software or open science tools to analyse data. The YNiC system will have the basic neuroimaging analysis software, but installation of new software will not be possible. Additionally, there will be local data (mostly fMRI) available for distribution; however, the attendees are welcome to bring their own data if they have a specific question of interest or would like to work on data from different modalities (such as EEG or MEG).

Will there be food provided?

There will be FREE lunch as well as coffee, tea and soft drinks provided throughout the event. Therefore, registered attendees are expected to be present for the duration of the workshop. In addition, there will be a social event held at YNiC.

How can I register?

The registration form is available here and will close on the 1st of March.

Event Calendar

The detailed program calendar can be found here.

(!) For more information, check out the Brainhack Global 2017 website, this article on Brainhack events or e-mail deniz.vatansever@york.ac.uk