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Events at YNiC

In this section of the site you can find out about events which are happening at or related to YNiC.

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Regular events

Various internal and external meetings are held at YNiC and in the Department of Psychology on a on a regular basis.

Monday 10:30am

YNiC Staff meeting

Tuesday 4 pm

Psychology seminars (in PS/B020)

Thursday 3:30pm

YNiC Reporting meeting

Thursday 4 pm

YNiC Seminars and Study Presentations

Thursday Evening Sessions

The YNiC Thursday evening sessions are used for a variety of purposes. Both YNiC Staff and Centre users are encouraged to attend these sessions, the details of which are announced on a termly basis.

The Thursday evening sessions vary in format from presentations by external guests or University of York staff to new Project Presentations given as part of the project application process and support sessions in which detailed discussions of aspects of neuroimaging analysis occur.

If you would like to use a Thursday evening session to present work to an audience of interested people or alternatively to help lead a support session on a matter which interests you, please contact YNiC reception <reception@ynic.york.ac.uk> who will be happy to arrange a convenient time for you

Alternatively, if you have suggestions as to which external speakers you would like to see invited, please also contact science.manager@ynic.york.ac.uk .


MEG UK 2016

YNiC hosted MEG UK 2016. Details are available at https://www.ynic.york.ac.uk/events/meguk