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André Gouws

André Gouws

Operations Manager

YNiC Responsibilities

Over the years I have been working at the centre, I have been closely involved in all element of the development and implementation of materials and technologies to facilitate scientific research at YNiC - i.e. supporting the needs of our users. I try to perform these duties by contributing to studies where appropriate and also by carrying out independent research projects.

More recently I have been appointed the role of Operations Manager and am now formally running the centre. This includes the role of CQC Registered Manager for our clinical diagnostic imaging service -- York Diagnostic Imaging.


* Click here -- A list of publications that my colleagues have been kind enough to include me on can be found on my Google Scholar profile

Research Interests

  • The use of multimodal neuroimaging techniques to explore human brain function and connectivity. Acquisition techniques include:
    • MRI
    • DTI (DWI)
    • MEG
    • EEG
    • TMS
  • Areas of interest:
    • Cortical inhibition: Negative BOLD
    • Contrast gain mechanisms
    • Cortical reorganisation (or lack of it)
    • Face processing
    • Frequency tagging / following
    • Illusory stimuli
    • Neurochemistry
  • Clinical interests
    • Striate and extra-striate lesions and their functional outcomes.
    • MD (macular degeneration) - ongoing project with Tony Morland and Gary Rubin (Moorfields Eye Hospital)
    • BPD (bipolar disorder) - ongoing project with Phil Simpson and Mark McFetridge (The Retreat, York)

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