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Welcome to York Neuroimaging Centre

New MRI Scanner

Established early in 2005, we are a NeuroImaging research centre servicing the requirements of a number of departments of the University of York. Thanks to a number of grants and contributions, the centre has been able to invest extensively in technologies to help us to better understand the chemistry, physiology and psychology of human brain function.

On September the 1st, 2016, Professor Tony Morland became the new Director of the Imaging centre. Professor Alex Wade takes over as co-Director.

We are pleased to announce a New National Centre for Medical Imaging as part of the government's funding of the Clinical Research Infrastructure Initiative

The new MRI scanner has arrived and is currently being commissioned.

Thursday Evening Seminar Announcements

Centre for Hyperpolarisation in Magnetic Resonance

Latest publications

Magnified neural envelope coding predicts deficits in speech perception in noise.
Millman, R. E., Mattys, S., Gouws, A. & Prendergast, G.
Accepted for publication in Journal of Neuroscience.

Differences in selectivity to natural images in early visual areas (V1–V3).
David D. Coggan, Luke A. Allen, Oliver R. H. Farrar, Andre D. Gouws, Antony B. Morland, Daniel H. Baker
May 2017, Scientific Reports

Individual variation in intentionality in the mind-wandering state is reflected in the integration of the default-mode, fronto-parietal, and limbic networks.
Golchert, J., Smallwood, J., Jefferies, E., Seli, P., Huntenburg, J. M., Liem, F., Lauckner, M. E., Oligschläger, S., Bernhardt, B. C., Villringer, A. & Margulies, D. S.
1 Feb 2017,

Tracking thoughts: Exploring the neural architecture of mental time travel during mind-wandering.
Karapanagiotidis, T., Bernhardt, B. C., Jefferies, E. & Smallwood, J.
15 Feb 2017

SABRE hyperpolarisation of vitamin B3 as a function of pH..
A. M. Olaru, M. J. Burns, G. G. R. Green and S. B. Duckett
accepted for publication in
Chemical Science

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